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The episode starts with Sathya is sitting in her room. Prabhu comes there, Sathya questions him what did Saravana said to him? Prabhu informs to her that Sathya said Saravana misbehaved with Selvi right? But Saravana saying different story to him. He said that he loved Selvi! Sathya gets angry and questions Prabhu Is he look like lover boy? Sathya tries to move from there to beat Saravana again.


Prabhu stops her. He asks Sathya to leave her anger and think patiently! Sathya says to him that Selvi is fighting for her lives in hospital, but Saravana sitting home without regret. Selvi came to this house believing Sathya. She has no one to fight for her. Sathya says further, If anything goes wrong with Selvi then she will die in guilt. Prabhu stops Sathya and assures to her that Selvi will get justice. He asks Sathya to take rest firstly. Sathya deny it. Prabhu says to her that she needs rest properly to deal with this.

Prabhu comes there after fresh up, he asks Sathya to take rest. Sathya says to him that she will sleep little later. Prabhu lays on bed and drifts into sleep. Sathya is keep thinking about the incident. Prabhu notices Sathya is thinking about something else without sleeping. He check the time and again starts to sleep. Whenever he notices Sathya she is in same position instead of sleeping. He sighs and continue sleeping. When he gets up in morning Sathya is still in same position. Prabhu sighs. Sathya comes to meet Selvi in hospital. She meets Selvi’s mom and enquires to her how is she? Is she take anything to eat? She informs to Sathya that she is not taking food properly. Doctor comes there to check Selvi. She checks her and leaves from there. Sathya asks to Doctor how is Selvi doing now? Doctor informs to Sathya that she is recovering slowly. But often her pulse are down. Sathya lies to Selvi’s mom that Selvi is doing better. Soon she will be alright. Selvi’s mom asks to Sathya Is Saravana accept his mistakes?


Sathya says to her that Saravana is still adamant not to confess. No one criminal will accept their crime soon. We want to try hard to make them accept their mistakes. Sathya assures to her that she will use her own methode to make him accept it. Sathya is thinking about it in her room. Nirmala comes there and enquires to her about Selvi’s state. Sathya says to her that there is no improvement in her health. Nirmala says further that she knew well Sathya won’t support wrong things, likewise Saravana is her son. She is in dilemma whether to believe it or not? Sathya questions her If Selvi is doing drama then why did she took poison? Sathya aska Nirmala to talk with Saravana. May be there is chance he will accept his mistakes to his mom! Nirmala assures to her that she will punish him, if he is behind this all.

Nirmala confronts Saravana. He lies to her that he has no idea why did Selvi blaming him? He lies again that he treated her as a friend. He rarely talked with her. May be Sathya doing this all intentionally! Nirmala slaps him when did he badmouthed on Sathya? She says to him that she lost the trust on him when did he blamed Sathya, reasoning she knew well about Sathya. She asks Saravana to swear on her name. Saravana accept his mistakes. Nirmala slaps him and leaves. Nirmala lies to Sathya that Saravana is innocent and leaves from there. Saravana evesdrops it and feels happy. Sathya cries hearing it. Saravana thank Nirmala for supporting him. She says to him that Sadhasivam will never leave him alive if he come to know this truth. Be aware of Sathya! She will definitely do something to prove Selvi’s innocence. Nirmala wishes to stop Sathya.


Episode end.

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