Sembaruthi 16th March 2021 Written Update: Akhila’s comment upsets everyone in the family – “”

Sembaruthi 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with all the couples gathered in one place to play the first game. Arun notices the brick on the floor and questions the host about the same. The host says this game is to test the compatibility of each couple and begins to explain the game. He says that the wife’s should step on that bricks, then they will be given a cloth that they will tie around their husbands eyes. The husbands will move the bricks in front of their wife’s so that they can step on it. The wifes will guide the husband to do so. The first couple who will reach like that the table placed there, will be declared as this game’s winner. If they put the poot the food on the floor, they will get eliminated.


The game begins and all the couple play the game well. One by one the other couples get eliminated. There are only Adhi-Parvathi and Arun-Aishwarya left. They both play well. At the end both Parvathi and Aishwarya reach the table together, and both the couple are declared as the winners of the game. The host praises both the couple and says that they’re proved that they both are equal and took the prestige of Adhikadavur family to another level. Their family members are happy for them while Vanaja and Uma look unhappy.

The host says that the couple will receive a gift to have won this game, but he will not reveal to them what’s that gift. There’s one more game to play, and after that, they will get their gifts. He asks them to wait for a while then he will explain the next game. He takes the couples with them.


After a while, two weighing balances are placed and some fruits near them. The host calls the couples and explains them the game. He says that the wifes should sit on one pan of the weighing balance while the husbands should fill the other pan with the fruits equal to the weight of their wifes. They have five mins to do this. The one who will complete the game first will complete it with the given will be considered as the winner. Adhi asked to fill the pan with bananas while pineapples are given to Arun. The game begins. Adhi and Arun hurry to fill their respective pan with fruits. Vanaja encourages Arun. The host asks them to hurry up.

Adhi first balances the pans and declared as the winner. Akhila shouts no shocking everyone. The host asks her what happened. Akhila says that the competition isn’t yet come to an end because the chain in Aishwarya weighing balance is stuck and asks Arun to fix it correctly. Arun does so. The host thanks Akhila. Now both weighing balances pans stay equal, so the host says that it proves both Parvathi and Akhila are equal. Akhila shouts no and says this is not called equal, but the game ended in a draw. All looks upset with Akhila’s comment while Vanaja rejoices.


The episode ends.

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