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Sembaruthi 17th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the host announcing that the game ended in a draw and adding that this proves both Parvathi and Aishwarya are equal. Akhila refuses it. She says this not called equal, but a draw. Everyone gets upset with Akhila’s comment while Vanaja and Uma rejoice. Parvathi feels bad and thinks that she and Aishwarya aren’t equal. Though she has won in the game, she doesn’t deserve to share the price with Aishwarya. The host call the couples to the stage to collect their prizes. Arun and Aishwarya goes to the stage. Parvathi says to Adhi that she doesn’t want the prize. Adhi says that she won the game, and if she refuses to receive the prize, it will be like disrespecting Akhila. Parvathi agrees to come.


The host calls Akhila and Purushotaman to hands the gift to the winning couple. Akhila hands the gift to Adhi and Parvathi and congratulates them while Purushotaman hands the gift to Arun and Aishwarya. The host says that her her family members got win in the best couple competition and asks to say few words about it. Akhila agrees.

Akhila says that there’s a prestige for her family. People may not know who is Akhila, but everyone knows about Aadhikadavur Akhiladeshwari. She further says that her dad and the her brother handed her over the responsibility of Adhikadavur family and till now she succeeded in protecting her family’s prestige and believes that after her, her two sons will protect the family’s prestige. All calps for her. An old man comes to the venue. The gaurad asks who he’s. The old man says that he wants to meet Akhila, and comes inside.


The host then asks Aishwarya to say few words. Aishwarya tells about her family background and about her family members who worked in hotels in London. She then adds that her family told lot her about Aadhikadavur family. The host then asks Parvathi to say few words. She hesitates, but the host insists. Parvathi says that she belongs to a simple family and she doesn’t have any big background. The guard stops the old man and asks him again who he wants to meet. The old man repeats that he wants to meet Akhiladeshwari.

The guard says how he dared to call Akhila by her name. Parvathi says that she’s proud of the loyalty that her family is showing for Akhila and she can give her life to protect Akhila’s family. All claps for her. The guard thinks the old man is a begger and asks him to leave. The old man says that he won’t leave without knowing about his daughter. The gaurd forcibly takes him out. Sundaram notices this. He could see the old man’s face. He goes to him and asks who was that. The guard says that he doesn’t know, but he looks like a begger. Sundaram wonders who it could be.


The host calls Aishwarya and Around to the stage to give a dance performance. Around and Aishwarya dances on the song Oh Penne song. Everyone claps when they complete their performance. The host compliments their chemistry and calls Adhi and Parvathi to give competition to Arun and Aishwarya. Parvathi is reluctant, Adhi and family members persuade her to dance. Adhi and Parvathi dance on the song embuttu iruku aasa. Everyone enjoys their performance while Akhila looks unhappy.

The episode ends.

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