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Sembaruthi 18th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhi and Parvathi giving a romantic performance. Everyone claps for them when they finish their performance. The host next calls Vanaja to dance. Vanaja is reluctant. The family members ask her to go. Vanaja drags Uma along with her. They dance on the song Pakku Vethala Mathi Mudichi. The host joins them in the dance. Vanaja drags Arun and Aishwarya as well. Later The host and Arun drag Adhi and Parvathi. They all give together a nice dance performance. The host finally requests Akhila and Purushotaman to dance. They dance on the song Ennavale Adi Ennavale. Everyone claps for them and the function comes to an end.


The guests are taking leave. The photographer asks Arun to assemble all the family members for a family photo. Arun takes Aishwarya with him and they make the necessary arrangements for the photo session. Vanaja asks Arun why he’s arranging the chairs when the function has already ended. Arun says that they’re going click a family photograph and asks her to get ready for it. She thinks Parvathi will also be there for the group photo and looks around for her. She finds Parvathi standing alone lost in her thoughts and thinks how to prevent Parvathi to be a part of their family photo.

Aishwarya goes to Parvathi to call her for the group photo. Parvathi thinks that Akhila will not like her to stand for the family photo and decides not to upset her, so she says to Aishwarya that she will join them after a while since she needs to adjust her saree. Aishwarya nods and leaves from there. Arun calls Akhila and Purushotaman for the group photo. Meanwhile Vanaja goes to Parvathi. She orders her to bring her makeup kit from her room. Parvathi nods and gets ready to leave, but Adhi stops her. He asks Vanaja why she can’t ask Uma or Pattama to bring her makeup kit. Vanaja says that hereafter she will give his wife any work and leaves from there.


Adhi says to Parvathi that Vanaja wants to send her away so that she doesn’t stand for the family photo. He asks to come, but she asks him to go, and says she will join them after adjusting her saree. Adhi catches her lie. Other hand, the photographer asks Arun if all family members have come. Arun notices that Arun and Parvathi are missing. He looks around and sees them talking standing. He is about go to bring them, but Akhila stops him. She calls out Adhi and asks him to join for the photo. Adhi says he will come in a while.

Adhi asks again Parvathi to come for the photo, but she refuses. Adhi says then he won’t go as well. Parvathi says that Akhila will feel bad if he doesn’t go, and she will blame her for that. Adhi stands firm in his decision. Akhila realizes Parvathi’s hesitation and calls both of them. Family members get happy except Vanaja. Adhi takes Parvathi holding her hand. Akhila asks Vanaja to move away leaving path for Adhi and Parvathi. They all happily pose while Vanaja fumes. The family photo gets clicked.


The episode ends.

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