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Sembaruthi 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parvathi saying to Akhila that she can’t tell the truth to anyone as the kidnappers threatened her to kill Purushotaman. Akhila says she has to speak harshly with her to know the truth. Parvathi signs the agreement. Arun says there will be a big celebration at their home in the upcoming day, as Akhila and Purushotaman’s wedding day is coming. They all look happy.


Arun and Aishwarya make the name list of guests to be invited for Akhila and Purushotaman’s wedding anniversary celebration. Purushotaman comes there. He asks them what they’re very sincerely writing without even noticing his presence. Arun says they are making name list of guests for his wedding anniversary. They want to celebrate it grantly like last year Adhi celebrated it.

Purushotaman crushes the paper and throws it away. He scolds Arun and asks why he didn’t think of celebrating the wedding anniversary with Adhi. Arun and Aishwarya ask how it could be possible, Adhi will not come if they call him. Purushotaman says Adhi will definitely come if Akhila call him.


They should convince Akhila to call Adhi and Parvathi for the function. He further says their wedding anniversary is the trump card to bring Adhi and Parvathi back to this house. Arun and Aishwarya agree with him. Purushotaman then reminds Arun that Parvathi entered their house the day of their wedding anniversary. Arun then reminds him about all the unpleasant incidents happened that day.

Flashback scenes of Akhila and Parvathi are shown. Arun says they will call Adhi and Parvathi for their wedding anniversary and make them stay here forever. They decide to talk to Akhila immediately. They leave. Vanaja overhears them. She thinks she will not let Parvathi comes back to this house. She crushes the paper. Aishwarya comes back to her room. She notices Vanaja angrily crushing the guests’ name list paper. She thinks she again started to plot against Parvathi and Adhi and decides to teach her a lesson.


Arun, Aishwarya and Purushotaman come to Akhila. The latter asks them what’s the matter. Purushotaman says that Arun wants to talk to her about something. Arun says he doesn’t know anything related to their wedding anniversary preparations and adds only Adhi knows all details. Purushotaman also repeats the same.

Akhila gets annoyed and asks them what they’re doing in this house, if Adhi has to do everything. Vanaja comes there. She says she will look after all the arrangements. She assures Akhila that she will make her wedding anniversary a memorable one. Vanaja then tells about all the arrangements she has made for the wedding anniversary celebration. She says Adhi and Parvathi shouldn’t come to the function since Akhila doesn’t like them. Akhila calls Vanaja to come near her. She slaps Vanaja. The latter looks shocked.

The episode ends.


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