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Sembaruthi 20th February 2021 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Akhila calls Vanja. Purshothaman, Arun, Aishwarya, Vanja come to Akihla’s room. Purshothaman and Arun are eagerly waiting for Akhila’s reaction. Vanaja comes to Akhila’s room. She tells Vanaja to come near her. Vanaja thinks that she is going to appreciate her. Vanaja comes near her. Akhila slaps her.


Purshothaman, Arun, Aishwarya are overjoy. Akhila lashes out at Vanaja. Akhila says I don’t like the list you made. Vanaja says I made the list according to your wish.
Akhila says I don’t like anything in your list. Akhila tells Vanaja not to do anything in thersh wedding arrangement. Uma overhears everything.

Vanaja comes out angry. Akhila asks Purshothaman to take care of the wedding anniversary arrangement. Purshothaman suggests Adhi’s name to Akhila. Akhila asks Purshothaman to take care of arrangements and goes. Arun worries that we are planning something and that something is going on. Vanaja is standing angry. Uma teases Vanaja. Vanaja stands with confusion. Aishwarya arrives behind her and tease Vanaja.


Aishwarya says I was the reason foeverything. Vanaja stands with confusion. Aishwarya says you stole the paper from us and We changed the paper from you. Aishwarya smirks at Vanaja. thaman Vanaja gets annoyed. Adhi manager, Priest few others persons are waiting for Akhila. Akhila comes down. Vanaja asks Uma why they came. Uma replies irrelavently to Vanaja. Vanaja beats her.

Akhila welcomes everyone. Purshothaman, Arun, Aishwarya come and stand in front of them. Adhi’s Manager introduces everyone to Akhila and says that Adhi sir sends us to wedding anniversary arrangement. Purshothaman, Arun, Aishwarya becomes overjoy. They show the designs and decoration model to Akhila. They whisper. Akhila asks what the reason behind your whisper. Designer says Adhi chose the same.


Priest says to Akhila that Adhi asks to do special puja on your wedding anniversay day, and arranges Anathanam on that day. Akhila becomes overjoy and tells to do everything as per Adhi wish and goes. Vanaja laments to Uma. Parvathi asks Adi if you want coffee. Adhi says I don’t want. Suddenly, Purshothaman, Arun, Aishwarya come to Adhi’s house. Adhi and Parvathi welcome them. Purshothaman asks Adhi are you busy. Adhi says I am arranging everything for wedding anniversary.

Purshothaman asks why should you stay away from us. Purshothaman invites Adhi and Parvathi to thier Wedding anniversary. Adhi refuses. Purshothaman returns back home sadly. Akhila gets excited by showing the sari to Purshothaman. Purshothaman is sitting sadly. Akhila urges Purshothaman to look at the saree. Akhila says that Adhi’s choice is always best. Purshothaman says you are happy to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Purshothaman I am not happy, I know you are not happy either.

Purshtothaman says Adhi is doing everything for our wedding anniversary, without him I don’t like to celebrate. Purshothaman asks Ahikla to invite Adhi and Parvathi to thier wedding anniversary one day before. He asks her this as a wedding gift. Akhila agrees to invite Adhi. Purshothaman asks Akhila to invite Adhi and Parvathi.


with this the episode ends.

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