Sembaruthi 21st February 2021 Written Update: Akhila invites Adhi and Parvathi for the wedding anniversary celebration – “”

Sembaruthi 21st February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila phoning Adhi. Parvathi sees Akhila’s number on the mobile screen display and calls out Adhi. The latter comes and asks what happened. Parvathi gives the phone to him saying his mom is calling. Adhi attends the call and puts in loudspeaker. He asks her if she’s happy with the arrangements he made for their wedding anniversary, and if she liked the saree he selected for her. Akhila replies she loved it. Adhi asks her to tell him if something is lacking.


Akhila says she doesn’t like that her son does all their wedding anniversary celebration arrangements, staying outside of the house, like a third person. She cries, and adds that he can do these arrangements coming to his house. Parvathi asks him to agree to go back to his house, but Adhi remains silent. Akhila understands why he remains silent. She says she has called both of them. Parvathi happily hugs Adhi.

The latter agrees to come home and cuts the call. Parvathi pinches Adhi to know whether she’s dreaming or not. She then says she’s very happy, she was sad thinking that she would participate in Akhila’s and Purushotaman’s wedding anniversary celebration, but Akhila has fulfilled her wish, so they should gift something very special to Akhila. Adhi asks her to think about the special gift and goes upstairs for some important work.


Janu comes there. She asks Parvathi the reason behind her happiness. Parvathi says Akhila has called her and Adhi for Akhila and Purushotaman’s wedding anniversary. She then asks Janu what special gift she can give her. Janu suggests few gifts like watch, gold bangles, ring, Saree etc. Parvathi says she will decide what to gift doing Pillayar Vattam.

She asks Janu to sit in front of her and keep showing all these items one by one, what she will see first, when she will open her eyes after completing the Pillayar rounds, will be the gift for Akhila. When Parvathi opens her eyes, she sees Adhi in front of her. She thinks returning Adhi as her son to Akhila will her special gift. Adhi asks what she’s doing. Parvathi says she was making Pillayar Vattam to know what to gift to Akhila. He asks if she has decided. She says God himself decided it.


Purushotaman happily comes downstairs and dances in front of Arun, Aishwarya and Singaravellen. They ask him what’s the matter. Purushotaman asks Aishwarya to bring sweet first. She does so. They all ask him to break the suspense and tell what’s the matter. Purushotaman asks them to guess who will come to their wedding anniversary.

Arun, Adhi and Singaravellen keeps giving different VIPs names. Purushotaman finally reveals that Adhi and Parvathi are coming. The trio get elated. Singaravellen and Arun also dance and sing along with Purushotaman. Vanaja sees them and wonders what happened to them. She yells stop it. She scolds them for dancing like they’re in a bar. Singaravellen says they’re celebrating their happiness. He then asks Arun to give sweet to Vanaja. She refuses to take it.

Singaravellen says he will tell the good new, if she takes the sweet. Vanaja takes it getting frustrated. He then discloses that Adhi and Parvathi are coming for Akhila and Purushotaman’s wedding anniversary celebration. Vanaja is stunned. She crushes the sweet with her fingers. She asks if Akhila agreed for them to come. Arun says Akhila herself phoned and invited them. Vanaja looks shocked.


The episode ends.

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