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Sembaruthi 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja fuming after knowing that Akhila has phoned and called Adhi and Parvathi for the wedding anniversary celebration. Arun says she mustn’t have expected this, hereafter many unexpected events will happen. Vanaja thinks of stopping Adhi and Parvathi coming back to this house. She angrily leaves from there while Arun, Aishwarya and Singaravellen are mocking Vanaja.


Vanaja goes to her room and finds Uma having sweets. Vanaja slaps Uma, when the latter asks her to take sweet. Vanaja says everyday she’s thinking how to prevent Adhi and Akhila from returning to this house, but others brainwashed Akhila and made her invite Adhi and Parvathi for the wedding anniversary. Now she’s breaking her head how to stop this from happening. Vanaja then remembers the gold bangle that she has given to Uma and asks about it.

Uma gives a black thread to Vanaja and says this is a holy thread and if she ties it around her wrist, Akhila will never get angry on her nor slap her. She adds that she has bought specially this holy thread for her by giving her gold bangle. She ties it around Vanaja’s hand and then takes Vanaja to Akhila to prove the thread’s power. Vanaja is reluctant, but Uma persuades her and pushes her inside Akhila’s room.


Vanaja complains to Akhila that Adhi is this house’s son, they can forgive him and accept him, but they can’t do the same with Parvathi, who’s a driver’s daughter and also was a cook at their house. Vanaja thinks this thread is working so that Akhila hasn’t scolded her yet. She keeps speaking ill of Parvathi. Akhila leaves from there without reacting. Vanaja started believing that the thread really works, but still she decides to test it once more time. She appreciates Uma and takes her to her room.

Arun and Aishwarya are happy that Akhila herself called Adhi and Parvathi to home. They discuss about how to welcome Adhi and Parvathi. Purushotaman comes there. Arun tells the same to Purushotaman. Arun suggests to welcome Adhi and Parvathi like the newly wedded couple will get welcomed. Purushotaman and Aishwarya like his idea. Purushotaman asks whether Akhila will agree to it. Arun suggests to do without Akhila’s knowledge. They will welcome Adhi and Parvathi after Akhila will go to the office. Purushotaman and Aishwarya agree with Arun. The latter decides to phone Vadivel to ask to make all arrangements to grantly welcome Adhi and Parvathi the next day.


The next day morning, Purushotaman, Arun, Aishwarya and Vadivel are waiting for Akhila to leave for the office. The latter comes down and gets seated. They all greet her. Akhila says today is really a good morning since Adhi is coming to home. Purushotaman tries to persuade Akhila to leave for the office saying she has an important meeting. Akhila says she has canceled all her appointments, as Adhi is more important for her than any business meetings.

Arun and Aishwarya discuss that their plan will get flopped if Akhila doesn’t go to the office and wonder what to do now. Just then Guruji comes there. Guruji says Akhila seems elated after longtime. Akhila says she’s happy because her son Adhi is going to return home after longtime. Vanaja, who overhears this, gets annoyed. Guruji suggests to perform a special puja today in order to strengthen Adhi and Akhila’s bonding. Akhila looks on.

The episode ends.


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