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Sembaruthi 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the Guruji suggesting Akhila to perform a special puja. He further adds that it’s advisable to perform the puja now itself and has to perform it for one hour. Akhila agrees and takes Guruji to the puja room. Arun says this is the right opportunity to ask Adhi and Parvathi to come home. They can give them a grant welcome before Akhila completes the puja. He tries Adhi and Parvathi’s phone, but their numbers are not reachable. Vadivel says that Akhila started performing the puja. Arun keeps calling Adhi and Parvathi, but their phone is still not reachable. They worry what to do now. Vadivel decides to go to Adhi’s home and check. Just then a car is shown entering the mansion. Vadivel asks the musical band to start playing music instruments. Vanaja hears the musical instruments sounds and goes to check. She fumes seeing Adhi and Parvathi.


Adhi asks to stop the music band and asks Arun what’s all this. Aishwarya says they haven’t grantly welcomed after their marriage. Vadivel says so they made all these arrangements. Vanaja thinks they made her work easy, she will bring Akhila and show her all this, then she will throw them out. She goes upstairs. Adhi asks Purushotaman if they made all the arrangements with Akhila’s permission. Vadivel says she’s sitting in a special puja, they all can go inside before she comes downstairs. Parvathi concludes that means this is happening without Akhila’s knowledge. She further says that they shouldn’t do anything that will hurt Akhila. Purushotaman says Akhila has changed lot and she will not feel bad for all these. They all try to convince Adhi and Parvathi to accept the grant welcome. Purushotaman requests Parvathi to accept this grant welcome for their sake. Otherside Vanaja is waiting for Akhila to finish the puja. Adhi says he doesn’t think they’re doing right, it may increase his mom’s anger. Purushotaman assures him that nothing like that will happen.

Akhila completes the puja. Vanaja asks her to come and see what’s happening outside. Parvathi is getting welcomed as a newly wedded bride. Akhila comes downstairs along with Vanaja and Guruji. Akhila sees Pattamal is about to do aarti to Parvathi. She shouts stop it. Family members look tensed seeing Akhila. She asks what they’re doing. Vanaja sarcastically says that they’re welcoming newly wedded bride. Guruji notices a kalasam in Parvathi’s hand. He asks Parvathi from where she got it. Parvathi says they visited the temple, and there the priest gave it to them. The Guruji says this is a special Kalasam, it contains Ganga water and it’s good to keep this Kalasam at home as it brings prosperity.


The episode ends.

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