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Preeti determines herself to fight against cancer: Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler

Shaadi Mubarak 15th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti trying to calm Kushala and explain her about the surrogacy while Sneha scolds her for lying to them. She states that Kushala hates the word surrogacy and shouts at Preeti for putting Kushala into this situation. Preeti cries but still tries to explain her point but Kushala’s friends mocks her.


They makes fun of Preeti’s age and taunts Kushala for bringing such daughter-in-law who can’t even give heir to the family. She reminds Kushala that how she used to reject perfect alliances including alliance of her daughter for KT by making silly excuses. Kushala shouts at her and ask her to keep quite but she doesn’t stop and keep degrading Kushala’s image.

At that time Preeti comes forward and raised her voice against the lady. She says that she have done it for the happiness of her family as she can’t able to be mother due to medical conditions. She states that women now a days are trying to degrade one another instead of supporting eachother. She ask of there is any problem in opting for surrogacy? She says that she loves her husband, Kushala and her family more then anything and can go to any extent for them while Mitali and Sonali along with others looks on. Priyanka gets teary eyes hearing Preeti while Furti also looks at her being emotional.


KT comes forward in support of Preeti and states that he loves his wife and every couple dreams about having a healthy baby, So they also dreamt about their child and states that there isn’t any problem in taking help of surrogacy. He says that they have hidden the truth from their family because they don’t wanted to hurt them.

He holds Preeti’s shoulder in order reassure her and states that it’s in between their family and ask others to stay away from it. He faces Kushala’s friends and scolds them for being insensitive while they feels humiliated and goes from their being angry. He moves towards doctor Sonali and Mitali making them realise their mistake while they apologises to him and goes away.


KT and Preeti tries to hold Kushala while she pushes their hand and moves forward. She stumbles feeling shattered while Shivraj supports her. Everyone scatters away while Preeti hugs KT and breaks down in his embrace. He pacifies her while Furti holds her stomach and looks at them.

Later on Preeti and KT goes to see Kushala. Preeti kneels down and sits in front of her. She tries to justify about her decision of opting for surrogacy and says that she have seen spark in KT and her eyes for the child and so couldn’t able to stop herself from choosing surrogacy. She shows her reports and states that she didn’t had any other option.

KT also kneels down and tries to make Kushala understand. He ask her to be happy as it’s his and Preeti’s baby only in Furti’s womb. Kushala looses her calm and mocks them for making her go through all the chaos. She scolds Preeti for lying to her and says that she have broken her trust. Preeti tries to say something but Kushala interrupts asking Preeti not to call her mother. Kushala goes away blaming Preeti for everything.


Priyanka supports Preeti and KT’s decision in front of Sneha and Neel while he also agrees with her. Sneha gets angry and scolds them for thinking like that. Neel tries to make her understand that just by giving birth one can’t be a mother and says that the one who raises the child is the true mother.

Sneha ask why are they supporting Preeti? She questions if they are also thinking about surrogacy? To which Neel jokes with her while Priyanka laughs. Sneha goes away while Priyanka hugs Neel and they thanks Preeti and KT for reuniting them and prays for both of them.

Furti stands on stairs when Kushala calls her down. She warns her not to climb the stairs as she is carrying their heir. She mocks Preeti while KT and Preeti looks at eachother. Kushala ask Furti to stay while KT ask her to go back to her room. Furti gets irked and tells them to clear their things out and goes out.


KT tries to justify their decision about surrogacy to Kushala while she gives cold shoulder to him. He gets frustrated with her behaviour and ask what was his fault? As she wasn’t ready for surrogacy and Preeti’s wasn’t fitted medically to be a mother. He says that they only had the option for surrogacy and they have done it for their family’s happiness.

Kushala blames him and Preeti for lying while he reminds her that she have also lied to the world hiding about Nandini’s betrayal. She gets teary eyes and says that KT have changed. She blames Preeti for changing her son while Preeti and KT gets shocked. She goes from there stating that he isn’t her KT anyone as now he is Preeti’s husband.

Precap:- Juhi insists Preeti to inform KT about her illness while Preeti agrees for it. Later on KT gets shattered while Preeti practice to tell the truth about her ovarian cancer to him.

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