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Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Preeti lies about her pregnancy

Shaadi Mubarak 16th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT eating sweets alone sitting inside the kitchen while Preeti comes towards him. She ask what is he doing? To which he replies that he is enjoying the sweets and offers her to have it. She sees the pain in his eyes and takes the sweets away. KT gets furious and ask her to return it, He tries to snatch it forcefully and cries.


Preeti comforts him and ask to let his emotions come out while he breaksdown. He gets shattered and pours his heart feelings out while Preeti tries to console him. He says that he needed Kushala to support him as she have always been there for him. He states that how hurt he is after Kushala’s statement while Preeti gets teary eyes seeing his condition. She determines herself to reunite KT and Kushala. She calms KT and feeds him sweets. She assures him that everything will be fine while he looks at her.

Later on Preeti and KT places a cradle inside their room while Preeti gives a baby toy to KT asking him to keep it inside the cradle. Preeti says that soon Kushala will also accept their child and hugs KT.


After 6 months. KT buys plenty of stuffs for the baby. “Mere Duniya Tu He Re plays” Preeti helps him to carry the stuffs. Kushala sees them but ignores and goes away. Preeti and KT gets inside Furti’s room and sees Kushala feeding her. Preeti sees the wall full of KT’s pictures and shows it to him. Kushala ask them to go while Furti looks on.

Preeti consoles a sad KT and tries to cheer his mood. She ask him to see the positive side as how Kushala started taking care of Furti and the child. She says that soon Kushala will forgive them too while he nods.


Preeti gives medicine to KT to headache while he says that it will get cure only from his mother’s handmade coffee. Kushala hears it by goes away giving a look to him.

After 8 months. Preeti tries to wake KT up while he smiles and tells her about his dream. He shows his excitement for the baby while she smiles seeing him happy. Suddenly she feels dizzy while KT holds her being concerned. She assures him that she is fine while he goes. Preeti holds the bed as her head starts spinning. At that time KT and comes inside with baby’s clothes and shows it to Furti and Preeti. They enjoys their time while baby kicks Furti. She made Preeti and KT feel it. Preeti thinks about baby shower while KT gets worried if Kushala will agree for it or not.

Kushala and Sneha takes proper care of Furti and feeds her while Preeti smiles seeing them. She says about baby shower while Kushala tries to avoid her. Furti request Kushala to forgive KT and Preeti but Kushala shuts her up.


Juhi happily comes to Preeti and tells her about a cancer specialist. She says that he is their last hope and ask Preeti to tell KT about her illness as the treatment have lots of side effects. Preeti denies to tell KT about her disease while Juhi tries to convince her. Juhi says that KT will surely understand and will give support to her. She reminds Preeti that how KT have always stood by her side even going against his family. Juhi gives her promise to Preeti while Preeti nods agreeing to her.

Preeti practices to tell KT about her ovarian cancer in front of mirror. She cries and gathers herself to tell the truth to KT. She faces him in order to tell him about her illness when he closes her eyes and brings her to the hall. She ask what is he doing? To which he ask her to open her eyes. She gets surprised seeing the decoration. “Itni Si Hasi plays” Preeti twirls as flowers gets showers on her and looks at KT being delighted.

Precap:- Preeti slips inside the bathroom as her health deteriorates . Kushala gets shocked seeing her condition and shouts her name. Later on Preeti gets admitted in the hospital while Juhi informs KT about Preeti’s ovarian cancer. He gets shattered.


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