Shaadi Mubarak 17th March 2021 Written Update: Preeti reunites Kushala and KT – “”

Shaadi Mubarak 17th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT surprising Preeti with the baby shower decoration while she gets elated. KT says that he have organised everything considering Preeti’s likes. He shows her two seats and says one is for Furti and the other is for Preeti as for him she is the mother of his child. He makes her sit and tells about all his plans which he will do with their child. He shows his excitement for the baby while Preeti gets teary eyes seeing his happiness. She thinks how can she make him shatter by informing about her disease. KT looks at Preeti sharing all his plans while she adores him.


Priyanka was about to slip when Neel holds her and both falls into an eyelock. KT clears his throat to distract them and then teases them. Neel clicks a family picture while everyone smiles. Preeti goes aside and gets emotional seeing the family. Her eyes gets moisty thinking about her illness.

Preeti gets inside the bathroom after getting ready and thinks how to tell KT about her cancer? She says that she can’t destroy his happiness but suddenly she starts feeling dizzy. She suffers severe pain and looses her balance. She falls into the bathtub and her phone also slips. She tries to take it and dials someone’s number. At tht time Kushala gets inside her bathroom and gets shocked seeing Preeti’s state. She tries to wake Preeti up as she looses her concious.


KT welcomes Juhi while she gets happy seeing the decoration. She appreciates KT’s efforts and says that Preeti will surely love it. He says that Preeti is getting redy in her room while Juhi goes upstairs to meet her.

Doctor checks Preeti and informs Kushala about her ovarian cancer. Kushala gets shattered and thinks about all the hateful words she have said to Preeti. She regrets and cries holding Preeti’s hand and caresses her hair. Preeti gains her concious while Kushala ask why she have beared all the pain alone? She questions why Preeti haven’t told them about her disease? To which Preeti says that she wasn’t alone in her fight as their love have always given strength to her. Kushala says that Preeti have to get fine as she only have to take care of the baby. She states that Preeti have to get well for KT as he can’t live without her! To which Preeti nods and says that she will surely win her fight against cancer. She tells Kushala about the surgery and says that it is risky but it can cure her cancer forever. She says that she needs KT’s sign in the form and reveals that she haven’t told KT about her disease. She cries while Kushala consoles her wiping her tears.


Juhi doesn’t find Preeti and gets tensed while KT also comes there and gets worried about Preeti. Everyone searches for her while Preeti comes inside all dressed up. KT gets relieved seeing her and tells how tensed he was for her. Preeti assures him and says that she have a gift for him. He gazes behind Preeti and sees Kushala standing with teary eyes. She comes towards him while he gets emotional and ask if she have forgiven him? She nods while both hugs eachother tightly. They cries showing their emotions while Sneha reminds them about baby shower.

Preeti and Furti sits on the seat while everyone performs the rituals on both of them. KT looks at Preeti and smiles while Furti smiles in excitement. KT feeds sweets to Preeti while Kushala gets teary eyes. She thinks that she can’t tell KT about Preeti’s illness as he will gets shattered while Preeti thinks that now she and Kushala both will together inform KT about her cancer.

Precap:- Preeti thinks about her surgery that whether she can win against cancer or not? Doctor tells KT that hospital won’t be responsible if anything happens to Preeti. Preeti hugs KT sobbing in his embrace while he gives strength to her.


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