Story 9 Months Ki 15th March 2021 Written Update: Sarang and Alia are struggling to meet each other – “”

Story 9 Months Ki 15th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Alia entering her office once again and the employees get so excited to see her back. All of them welcome tha with so much warmth and affection at the same time Alia notices the desk of Sarang and she starts to miss him as he is not there and she gets upset.


Everyone greets her and asks her if she is fine and doing well? She replies to everyone and is about to go to her cabin when she stops for a while and looks back and finds out that Sarang is also there. She gets so happy to see him there and is about to go near him but unfortunately before that the office people gather him and start asking questions when Alia recalls the words of Lalla about not discussing their relationship in the public and in the office too. She gets upset thinking that she cannot meet her fiance in the open.

All of them sit together for the conference thing and Alia is continuously watching Sarang and he is blushing due to her gaze on him. Finally he messaged her not to continuously look at him like there’s as he is feeling shy. Alia for the sake of everyone scolded Sarang a bit while he took it all in a fun way and then she excused herself saying that she is going to have her green tea in the cafeteria and will prefer to have some me time so no one should come and disturb her.


Sarang really understands that she is asking him to come and meet her in private and he is laughing because of it but is trying to cover up things in front of the other colleagues. Finally both of them check out some time to meet with each other in the canteen but as soon as they are about to hug each other someone comes from behind and hugs Sarang and Alia stopped midway. She is getting upset to think that there is so much work in the office area and if things go on like this then they will never get time for each other. After a lot of trials, they finally got some time for each other near the lift and shared a hug. However, one of their colleagues also landed there and asked him to get back at work but he somehow managed not to see anything. Alia is missing the family all of a sudden and both of them reach the house of her.

Alia is shocked to see the entire family suddenly in her house and they are asking for tea made with her hands. Aliya instructed her house help to make things as per their demands. She says that they are special guests and specially they are family of Sarang hence they shouldn’t have any problem in her house.


Alia is feeling uneasy due to the excessive tension she is taking and then both of them decide to go back to office but Sarang receives a phone call and one of the colleagues suspects that Sarang is with Alia. He shared his thoughts with other working people in the office but all of them didn’t agree to his claim and said Sarang and Alia are too different people with a lot of different mindset so that there can’t be any possibility for them to be together.

Alia and Sara went to the police station to file a report regarding the missing of Elaichi. They also show a photograph of her to the police constable who is writing their FIR. Aliya introduces Lalla as her fiance and says that the missing person is his relative. However, the police officer looks at Sarang with so much suspense after seeing the picture.

Precap – Aliya meets with an accident and Sarang is shocked.


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