Story 9 Months Ki 17th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang is in disguise of a Sardar – “”

Story 9 Months Ki 17th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with the father of Sarang asking him what his name is and Kamaleswari manages the entire situation and takes Lalla inside the house saying that she already recognised him and Sarang gets emotional about the whole thing. Alia tells the father of Sarang that I feel that you are able to identify he is Sarangdhar. Pandey ji says to her that I am able to identify a small mole of silver then why not I will be able to recognise a 5ft 10 inch person. He says to her you are a business woman and you should have understood what having profit means.


She says to him that I am having a feeling that I am doing fraud with him by telling him lies. Sarang says to her mother I am here because of Alia as she wants my help and I could not leave her alone like this. He asks her what you people are doing in this house when Kamaleswari says that some priest says to him that if changes house then he will win the election and also his son will be back.

Brijmohan talks to Alia and feels that she is also coming out like an idiot woman. However Sarang says to her mother that he is here with Alia for her work and once her work is over they will be back to Mumbai. Alia is having some conversation with Brijmohan but she is not convinced about the work she is doing and says that I think I should have informed Sarang about our plan.


Brij Mohan pulls a drama in front of her and says that if you want to do so then I am ready to let you go but before that I am giving you a bottle of poison so that you can give it to us means me and my wife because both of us cannot live without our son because he is so close to me. Alia is feeling uneasy and she is not able to understand what to do. Sarang is not able to understand what his father is upto? Kamleshwari says to Sarang that you should convince Alia that she shouldn’t engage in any business with my father as he is such a cunning person.

Brijmohan comes out and asks Sarang that he is so happy to see him there however Sarang tries to convince him that he is not the one. Alia says to Sarang that he already recognises you but he doesn’t understand how it is possible ? He says to his father that he is not here for always and here for just Alia and her well being. He says to his father I am there in Mumbai to become a writer and I am also a writer in the company of Alia. Alia gets unconscious and Sarang takes her to a room and the doctor says to her that she has to stay here for three months. Later Sarang comes to Alia with a plate of jalebi and says to her that he will do everything to be with her in any situation. Alia asks him not to tell anyone that he is the biological father of this baby while Kamaleswari is looking for Sarang in his room and coming upstairs after not finding him there.


Precap – Sarang says I am sad because I have never said any lie to my mother when Kamaleswari says from behind that you do tell me a lie.

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