Story 9 Months Ki 19th January 2021 Written Update: Brij and Munni wants Sarang to marry Elaichi – “”

Story 9 Months Ki 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia asking the family if they are really going to agree to lock the toilets and go out in case of need. Kamleshwari tries to take her away but Alia doesn’t stop and says that what Munni Devi is calling cleaning is unhealthy. Kamleshwari manages to take Alia inside the room and begs her not to argue with Munni Devi. Alia encourages to accept challenges and live life fully. She cannot bear to see wrong happening. Kamleshwari asks her to wait for Sarang to come back but Alia asks why women has to expect help from someone else.


Munni Devi offers popcorn to Brij Mohan. Just then Alia comes downstairs with Kamleshwari. Alia blames Munni Devi for being hypocrite: she wants women to wear gungath but sends them outside for toilet where everyone can see them. Munni Devi asks what her issue is. Alia replies she has to use toilet. Munni Devi asks her to go and use it. Alia says that it is locked. Munni Devi makes her notice that it isn’t. Alia leaves saying that she will use it later.

Brij Mohan thanks Munni Devi for listening to her and says that Alia must stay so that they can keep Sarang there as well. Munni Devi says that she can understand everything.


Sarang comes back home and immediately shows concern for Alia making her sit down. The two share a short eye lock. Munni Devi comes and happily meets him saying that he is the only male child of the family so he got immense joy seeing him. Sarang looks at Kusum who is near them. Munni Devi says that thankfully he is good looking like Kamleshwari and not like Brij. She asks him to go to the room and she will be sending Elaichi wali chai for him.

After a while, Elaichi brings chai for Sarang. The latter says that there is no elaichi in the chai. Elaichi introduces herself as Elaichi who spreads fragrance everywhere she goes. She says that he knows her. He struggles to recognize her.


On the other hand, Brij and Munni talk to Alia about Elaichi being perfect for Sarang. Alia says that Sarang should decide that. Brij says that this is the only way to make Sarang settle down in Madhura. Alia still doesn’t want Sarang to get forcefully married and suggests to let Elaichi and him spend some time together but Munni is against letting the two roam around. Alia says that she will go with them. Brij recommends her not to let Sarang know about all this assuring that they will tell him once they will come back. Alia agrees and leaves. Munni warns Brij that Alia is dangerous and asks why he always hears her. Brij says that Sarang respects her a lot and doesn’t deny anything to her, that is why.

Sarang, Alia and Elaichi go out together. Alia is about to slip but Sarang holds her hand on time. Elaichi glares at them. Alia asks Sarang if he wants to know how much Elaichi has studied. Elaichi proudly says that she studied till 12th class. Alia asks Sarang to talk with Elaichi. The latter reminds him that she is the one who played Rukmini in the play where he played Krishna in childhood. They recollect some childhood memories and laugh. Alia goes a bit distant.

Episode ends


Precap: Sarang gets worried when Alia disappear and calls her. Elaichi notices that he has saved Alia’s contact number as “humsafar”.

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