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Story 9 Months Ki 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia sneaking into the kitchen at night. She hears some noise and asks who is there. Munni Devi, Kamleshwari and Brij get up hearing noise. The person in kitchen is Kumkum. Alia asks why she has sneaked into the kitchen as a thief. Munni Devi, Kamleshwari, Kusum and Brij come.


Alia notices Kumkum putting her hand on her stomach and seems to be understanding. She lies to the family that a cat had come in the kitchen. She says that she is hungry but Munni Devi says that it is a tradition that no gas will be lighted on once it is turned off at night for the last time. Kamleshwari offers cold roti with dahi to Alia. The latter asks more roti and lots of fruits and then asks Kumkum to come with her.

Alia and Kumkum go out and Alia asks her to have food with her. She has understood that she is pregnant. Kumkum reveals her that her bidaai didn’t happen after her father argued with her father-in-law so she has to meet her husband secretly. Alia is impressed by her guts and says that she is adult so none can stop her from being with her husband legally.


Kumkum says that it is not easy since Brij reigns on whole Madhura. She asks Alia to keep all this a secret. Alia accepts on the condition that she eats the whole food. Kumkum hugs her. Kamleshwari comes and says that Alia got a friend in the house. Alia asks about Sarang who is nowhere to be seen.

The next morning, Alia reaches the dining area and sees everyone sitting down. She is wearing a short dress and has bump so she struggles to sit on floor. Sarang brings a chair for her so she sits on it and then he sits on floor near her. Alia eats fast so Munni Devi asks if there is a dog chasing her. Alia tells that she has a meeting. When Sarang asks about it, she tells him that it is an international client so she has worn a good dress since appearance matters. Flour drops on Alia so she has to go to change.


When Alia goes to change, Munni Devi les to her that her phone was ringing. Alia goes to check and at the same time Elaichi enters her room and takes all of Alia’s clothes. The dress Alia was wearing drops in bucket of water so she asks for help to Kamleshwari asking her to bring the clothes from her wardrobe but Kamleshwari doesn’t find any cloth in the closet. Kumkum brings her clothes for Alia but they are tight. Alia asks Kamleshwari to arrange clothes somehow since she has a very important meeting.

Sarang struggles to get signal and it finally comes. He asks her mother to bring Alia since signal has come. Alia replies that it’s her. Sarang looks on and finds her wearing a saree. He gets mesmerized and tells her that she is looking very beautiful but she says he is lying. He makes her wear a shawl like a foulard. She thanks him.

There is no signal anymore so Sarang takes Alia on the terrace. She says that shereally needs to change since she is not comfortable and would not be confident for the meeting. Sarang tries styling her saree in different ways. Elaichi looks at them through binocular.


Episode ends

Precap: Sarang protects Alia when some guys stare at her at bazaar.

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