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Story 9 Months Ki 5th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Alia talking with her office staff and everything changed even her company DDS is taken over by some other investor and Alia is now an employee and she has to go through so many taunts and issues due to it. She made her life around her son Agastya and she has changed a lot personally and she is now all about her son and for that she even lies in the office and comes early just to meet her son. Both the kids are with Sarang and Alia separately. While Sarang has progressed so much in his professional life, Alia has lost so much in her life and she is having minimal things in her life now. However she tries to be happy with her son and Agastya is exactly like Sarang as he is soft spoken, silent and mostly reserved while Sarang’s daughter is very much bold, outspoken and strong headed.


Sarang gets shocked to see the state of his daughter that she has become a lot like her mother Alia and fights for the right and took a stand for her brothers and beat the other two boys of the locality. Agastya is back from school via a school van and is waiting for his mother to come while Alia is getting panicked for her boy as he can be left alone if she doesn’t reach there on time. Agastya comes and spends some time with the kulfi vendor and Sarang leaves his video conference for the sake of his daughter. His daughter is so smart that she never even listens to her father as well if she thinks what she did is right and she will never be ready to get convinced otherwise.

Alia gets happy to see Sunita is back to receive her son and she is waiting back with him till the time she came and Agastya is waiting for his mother while Sarang talks to his daughter in private and made her understand that she should take care of herself well enough or else he as a father feels lost. On the other hand, Alia thanks Sunita for always being there for her son Agastya. She came there with a tiffin box full of Sabudane ki khichdi. Alia enters her house but the lights are off and Agastya says that he feels scared of darkness. Alia says to him that you are a brave boy and brave boys don’t get scared of darkness like this.


She realised she forgot to pay the electric bill for the month and as a result they cut off the connection of her house. She comes to the room of the watchman with her son Agastya and makes him eat khichdi so that he can have good food in peace. She puts her phone on the charger in the watchman room. On the other hand, the watchman says Agastya will become a good writer in future. Alia says I wish he can be a good human being, what’s there in being a good writer if you don’t become a good human.

Precap – Alia and Sarang chats with each other unknowingly.


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