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Episode starts with Jogi saying now he has got the proof finally and can punish the culprit whoever tried to ruin Mahi’s character. Pankaj informs Jogi that Mahi’s grandpa is alright. Jogi gets restless and tells Pankaj that he wants to meet Mahi right now. Pankaj says you are still weak. Jogi says at first I want to catch the culprit that’s it.


Dharampal says Grandpa is in ICU. Noone is allowed to meet him right now. Pappu hears the news that Jogi is out of jail. He starts instigating Mahi’s family that her lover is now out of jail. That’s why she did drama before saying yes for the marriage proposal. She was in love with Jogi. She could have told this before. Shalu says Now everyone will call me as Mahi’s sister and will insult me. Renu asks Mahi that she can’t believe that Mahi did all these.

Seema requests Pappu saying he can find a guy for Mahi anyhow. She is now burden to us. Pappu says who will agree to marry her after knowing about her character. She ruined everything. Seema starts crying and insists him saying get her out of my house. I dont want to see her face. Pappu says ok I’ll do something. Seema was about to touch Pappu’s feet to show gratitude. But Mahi stops her. Mahi says because of me you don’t have to plead. But I’ll prove my innocence within 24 hours. You will feel proud of me. She promises her saying you won’t feel ashamed of me. If I fail to do so then I will marry whoever you choose for me. Be it a goon or thief. Before proving myself I won’t show my face to you. She takes blessings from Dharampal. Mahi leaves. Pappu thinks how will Mahi be able to collect proofs as I left nothing.


Pappu calls Tillu saying freshen up yourself. Very soon you will meet Mahi’s family.

Jogi calls Rupa and says you have forgotten me totally. Rupa says tell me about you. where were you? Jogi was about to tell the truth. Rupa asks him tell me what happened to you clearly. Jogi says don’t force me. Its just that sometimes we get stuck in some situations without having fault of ours. Jogi cuts the call and thinks somehow he will prove Mahi’s innocence.


Mahi comes outside and people gossip about her saying she is shameless. People taunt Jogi as well saying Jogi ruined Mahi’s life. Jogi then sees Mahi. He recalls their friendship. Mahi recalls how Jogi suffered. They slowly walk towards each other and stare at each other. Mahi touches Jogi’s hand and Jogi signs he didn’t get hurt.

Mahi twists it and Jogi shows his pain. Mahi says it’s happening because of me. Jogi says don’t blame yourself. I can even sacrifice my life for you. Mahi says this world doesn’t accept a girl and boy’s friendship. Mahi tells about her plan that she is trying to prove her innocence. She needs his help. Jogi says I can help you. He shows her the locket. He says don’t know whose locket is this. Priya gets shocked and says its Gulshan’s locket. Mahi Jogi get shock.

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