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Episode starts with Jogi reciting a romantic poem. Mahi gets happy and hugs Jogi. It was all Jogi’s dream. Rupa Biji see Jogi like that. Lado keeps milk pot and Jogi gets surprised. He checks the time and thinks why hasn’t Mahi come yet? Jogi says not a big deal. I’ll go to meet her. She takes Rupa’s blessings.


Seema scolds Mahi. Mahi says she can’t pressurize her like that. She didn’t do any favor by giving her time. Why people think that we girls always say yes to rich men. Mahi says I don’t even know Arjun properly. I don’t know how he lives his life, then how will I agree. Arjun comes and says he will answer everything. He says he wants to talk to Mahi alone. Seema says Mahi will not say no to him.

Rupa pours water on oil and shows it to Biji. She says something can never match. Pappu will ruin everything. He will break Jogi and Mahi’s relationship. He can’t tolerate us in his locality then how will he give respect to us in his family. Biji also gives an example saying Jogi and Mahi are like milk and sugar. They get mixed easily. If there is love there’s way. God will show the right way. Rupa gets irritated and leaves from there.


Mahi asks Arjun he didn’t know her so why he said yes. Arjun says i agree we need time to know someone but the moment I saw you my thoughts changed. I was finding chances to see you. You personality is attractive and I like you. He then starts saying about his flaws to Mahi that he likes cleanliness. He doesn’t tolerate lies, He likes to cook food and he drinks alcohol occasionally.

Someone dumped him while he was in 12th standard. Arjun says now it will be Mahi’s decision she wants to marry me or not. He will accept it. But yes he will be happy if Mahi says yes. Arjun leaves. Mahi’s family watch them secretly. Seema gets happy. Mahi’s grandpa also makes Mahi understand that Arjun is good for her. He is exactly the person Mahi wanted.


Grandpa says I also have wish to see your happy married life as I am getting older. Mahi gets confused and finally says yes. Her family celebrates. Mahi’ s grandpa informs Rai about it and Rai gets happy and hugs Arjun. Grandpa says to Mahi you made me happy by saying yes. Jogi hears it and gets disheartened. Payals fall down from his hands. Mahi was about to see him but he leaves.

He starts walking and recalls everything related to Mahi. He reaches tabela and gets sad. He decides to not talk about her. As their dreams don’t match. Jogi Mahi jodi sounds good but Arjun and Mahi became one. He says now he can’t talk about her. Rupa sees Jogi.

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