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Episode start with Tillu seeing that the bag is moving. Mahi tries to come out of the bag. He slowly goes towards the bag. Mahi opens it after trying hard. Seeing her Tillu hides. Mahi recalls how Chanda hit her. Mahi understands it was all Chanda’s planning so that she can get married to Arjun. She thinks to stop Chanda from marrying Arjun. Mahi says “I can’t give up today, its about my family’s respect. Baarat should not go back like last time.” Tillu hears everything and decides to inform Pappu.


Pappu tells Shalu that Mahi hasn’t come yet. What will they say to Rai Saab? Pappu says “We’ll tell everyone that Mahi eloped.” Renu says this is not possible. Chanda must be behind this. Mahi enters and Renu Shalu get shocked seeing her. Chanda looks at her and again acts as if she is unconscious. Shalu and Renu ask Mahi who did this to her? Is Chanda responsible for this? Mahi was about to reveal Chanda and Arjun’s truth but then she stops herself saying Shalu and Renu won’t allow her to marry if she tells the truth. Pappu starts acting and apologises to Mahi on behalf of Chanda. Pappu then scolds Tillu saying How come Mahi is here? Why couldn’t he be able to stop Mahi.

Arjun attacks Jogi from behind in tabela. Jogi pushes him and Arjun tries to stab Jogi. Vishnu hits Arjun to save Jogi and Arjun falls unconscious. Vishnu says in order to save Mahi Jogi has welcomed big trouble for himself. Jogi says for saving Mahi he can even sacrifice his life. Vishnu says Jogi is really in love with Mahi. Jogi and Biji get shocked seeing the groom is coming to marry Mahi. Jogi wonders now who’s the groom if its not Arjun. Vishnu says things are getting more complicated. Seema performs the rituals with Tillu without seeing his face.


Mahi enters and Jogi looks at her. He feels why Mahi is not being brave. Mahi also looks at Jogi. Pappu notices that. Jogi tells Vishnu that he made things more complicated for Mahi by kidnapping Arjun. Who is that guy behind the Sehera. Jogi says hidden enemies are more dangerous. Vishnu suggests Jogi to break the promise he made to Mahi. Vishnu says Jogi has to do it for saving Mahi’s life. Jogi agrees.

Jogi finds scope to enter Mahi’s wedding hall. Pappu catches Jogi and says outsiders are not allowed in this marriage. Specially after what happened last time. Jogi says Arjun is not good for Mahi. This wedding has to be canceled. Pappu holds Jogi at gunpoint and says this marraige will happen at any cost, Jogi can’t stop it. He sends Jogi away.


Jogi tells Biji Pappu is behind the conspiracy. Jogi says I can’t reveal that I kidnapped Arjun else my family will be dragged in this matter. Arjun’s family will start searching him. Jogi says theres only one option left to stop Mahi’s wedding.

The Episode ends

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