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Episode starts with possessed Kalyani says you don’t need to get scared seeing Kalyani because she is under my clutches, that day I killed myself by mistake while trying to kill Kalyani. Moksh says Godavari Tai told me to sleep with Anupriya aunty if I want Sister or brother. Malhar asks him to sleep. Anupriya calls Malhar to aside and tells that Kalyani is alone with Atharv and I’m feeling tensed. Malhar and Anupriya goes to check them. Possessed Kalyani says she wish to kill Kalyani. Atharv says leave about Kalyani and target another one. Kalyani asks who. Atharv tells her something.


Anupriya and Malhar goes to room and notices Kalyani is sleeping with Kawach. Atharv tells to Malhar that I finished your work so give Moksh to me. Malhar says you can’t get Moksh so keep him away and I already did what you want me to do. Atharv says live this night peacefully and he goes. Anupriya says Kalyani is sleeping peacefully, hope she gets fine and she goes to kitchen. Avni says are youre missing Sarthak? Than sleep in floor like him. Anupriya pours water at Avni face and says I’m not that old Anupriya, let Kalyani becomes fine than we will teach you lesson.

Malhar holds Kawach than Kalyani wakes up from sleep and asks him what happened. Malhar asks how’s she. Kalyani says I’m fit and energetic and she notices the Kawach and asks how it came. Malhar tells her that Aayi get it for her safety and asks her to won’t remove it. Kalyani agrees and says she is hungry and says let’s prepare pooran poli. Malhar agrees. Malhar helps Kalyani to prepare pooran poli and both shares close moments than he feeds Pooran poli her. Kalyani happily haves it. Malhar says forget everything because we are going to have fresh start from tomorrow. Kalyani telling Malhar that they have to fight with Atharv together and nobody can snatch Moksh from us. She hugs Malhar.


It’s revealed How Atharv asks Sampada to kill Malhar than blame goes to Kalyani and she will go to mental hospital and our revenge gets completed. Possessed Kalyanii asks what she have to do. Atharv says I will tell you when you can do it and tomorrow morning going to be Malhar’s last day. Atharv thinks today is last day Malhar and he is going to get died in Kallu hands. Possessed Kalyani smirks wickedly.

Next morning Malhar and Kalyani tells to Anupriya that everything is fine and Kawach is working in good way. Malhar says we thought about next kid that’s why going to meet Doctor. Aaosaheb bless him. Moksh asks are you fine Aifi. Kalyani says his Aifi is back and hugs him.


Pawar releases Sarthak. Sarthak asks who gave him bail than he notices Anupriya signing the papers. Sarthak asks if Malhar requested her. Anupriya says I did it myself so you will get a lesson. Sarthak says I did mistake and sorry for everything. Anupriya says i need your help to win Moksh case, bar council cancelled your license so I will fight for you get your licence and proves Atharv that I can do anything and she asks him to sign the papers. Sarthak signs the papers and says he trusts her. Anupriya says Malhar and Kalyani went to doctor and he accepted your request to have another kid.

Malhar asks Kalyani to speak something. Avni sees Sarthak.eith Anupriya and asks how he came out. Anupriya says don’t forget that I’m lawyer. Kalyani hugs Anupriya in tears. Sarthak asks what Doctor said. Malhar says Doctor said it’s tough for Kalyani to become Mom. Atharv mocks them. Malhar throws Atharv away. Anupriya says let’s meet another doctor and don’t lose your hope. Malhar too agrees and tries to console her. Kalyani says maybe it’s not written in my fate and she throws him away.

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