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Episode starts with Kalyani sees Malhar passport and realises that he fooled her and she asks Malhar to teach how to use chopsticks to Moksh and she than places his passport Infront of him. Malhar realises that he is caught. Kalyani sees gifts and asks if he bought it thinking his lie gonna expose. Malhar about to tell her that Ab gifted those things but Kalyani goes inside with her gift.


Malhar goes to room and notices Kalyani in a nightie. She asks him how’s she looking. Malhar asks this nightie seeing empty gift box. Kalyani says I know this nightie didn’t suit me. Malhar says you’re beautiful in everything and I like you more in saree. Kalyani goes inside and comes out wearing red saree. Kalyani feels mesmerized seeing the decorated bedroom. Malhar close the room door and both gets romantic with eachother.

Next day Kalyani wakes up with Malhar shirt and blushes seeing him and Malhar smiles seeing her. Kalyani goes out saying Moksh must be waiting for me. Moksh meets Ab at Maidan and says you’re the one who gave info of Dad right. ab agrees.


Moksh says I can’t fight with you but don’t make building at this place. Ab throws the board and tells Moksh that he won’t built any building at this place. Ab assistant says they may get crores of losses. Ab says anything for Moksh happiness and he tells to Moksh that everyday he will bat first. Moksh agrees and hugs him happiness.

Commissioner welcomes Malhar with ACP post and gives him letter of honour. Malhar thanks him than he calls Ab. Ab says I remember about tonight dinner. Malhar sats I called you to inform that you got letter of honour and their will be no case on you if you have any. Ab says their is no cases on me and I have suprise for you and your wife and I feel like I’m meeting my family after so many times. Malhar says he didn’t get it. Ab says let’s talk in the evening.


Kalyani smiles reminscing their last night moments. Malhar sees her and asks what’s she thinking. Kalyani says I’m thinking to make Saboodana ki Kheer and she about to go but Malhar stops her and informs that he got his ACP post and special honour. Kalyani feels happy. Malhar kisses her saying I love you.

Kalyani says you become romantic plus last night you get gifts too. Malhar asks what gifts. Kalyani says you get that nightie right and I wear that one but you told me that I look good in Saree. Malhar about to question her but she leaves to give medicines to Aaosaheb.

Anupriya submits non-bailable warrant of Avni to inspector. Avni says I called Sarthak and he will release me. Sarthak asks why Pawar called him. Avni asks him to release her from jail otherwise I won’t leave you. Anupriya claps and says you used to mock me and my daughter right and it’s true Avni is perfect for you and I’m at mistake because I trusted you. Sarthak asks Pawar to never call him for Avni. Anupriya says she is your wife. Sarthak leaves. Avni shouts to ruin him. Malhar sees gift box and thinks why Ab gifts nightie to Kalyani? Maybe it happened by mistake than he calls Pawar to get info if Ab.


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