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Episode starts with Kalyani shouts seeing someone under blanket. Malhar comes out and tells her to don’t get scared than she notices he is reading some book and she drags it from him and notices it’s book of how to destroy souls and she asks from when you started believing it. Malhar says I won’t believe but I’m reading it so I can keep Sampada soul away from him and he takes her to teach the things he learnt from internet. Malhar dances on new song. Kalyani gets surprised and tells him he likes the song than she plays the old melody, both hugs eachother while listening the song and at that time Kalyani receives message from Sampada saying Aaosaheb is the one who is helping Atharv. Kalyani gets shocked. Atharv on call asks someone to meet him outside the workshop at night. At workshop Atharv asks the person who’s helping him to remove the locket from Kalyani neck so Sampada soul can capture Kalyani body to kill the Malhar.


Next day Kalyani feeds Tiffin to Moksh. Aaosaheb asks if she had Tiffin. Kalyani says I will have it and than she thinks why Aaosaheb will help Atharv. Moksh goes out saying he have a cricket match. Godavari says Police came to take Avni. Kalyani says she deserves the punishment. Godavari asks Kalyani to have drink. Aaosaheb dashes with Godavari which makes juice fell on Kalyani saree. Aaosaheb takes Locket from Kalyani saying she will keep it at Mandir and asks her to come after changing her saree.

Avni is acting like a mad person, She asks a lady constable to leave her. Malhar asks why she is behaving weird like that. lady constable says that she went to take her inside and since then she’s acting in weird way like mad. Kalyani asks what happened. Atharv says they cannot arrest someone who is in such condition this is the stay order. Anupriya tells to lawyer that Avni is acting. Atharv says first Avni have to get her treatment and he reminsces how he sent message to Avni through chit and he says Avni treatment will be done in the house only and it’s court order and Sarthak have to take care of Avni until she gets cured. Atharv gets message saying work is done and locket is removed from Kalyani, he feels happy.


Kalyani meets Sampada and tells her How Atharv stopped Avni arrest. Sampada says don’t worry because you have Aayi and Sarthak support but what about Aaosaheb. Kalyani tells her Aaosaheb removed locket from my neck so it’s confirmed that she is the one who’s helping Atharv but don’t know why she is helping him.

Sarthak says we know Avni is acting still we can’t do anything. Anupriya says stay calm and we have to take Doctors support to prove she is acting. Avni ruins their papers which makes Sarthak angry, Anupriya takes Avni with her and sets her hair.


Kalyani asks Aaosaheb to give her phone so she can get plumber number. Aaosaheb gives her phone and makes her wear the locket. Kalyani thanks her and thinks so Aaosaheb is innocent and she goes from that place. Aaosaheb returns Godavari phone to her saying her phone is back. Kalyani tells to Sampada that Aaosaheb is innocent. Sampada says than who’s helping Atharv from home. Kalyani says she will found it.

Godavari meets Atharv. Atharv says don’t feel bad because Malhar and Kalyani are responsible for your Mom and Dad’s condition and they are not even giving you pocket money and whole family cares for Kalyani not you. Godavari says locket is missing from temple. Atharv says he have to found plan of Sampada soon and he asks Godavari to continue the medication to Kalyani so she will be in depression thinking she can’t have kids. Godavari says medication is over. Atharv gives her money to buy the medicine. Godavari agrees and she comes out from Atharv vehicle and leaves in auto. Anupriya and Sarthak notices Godavari when she is coming out from car and Anupriya says hopes Godavari didn’t strucked in any problem.

Episode ends.


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