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X=Prem is an impending Bengali language Romance dramatization movie coordinated by Srijit Mukherji.This film will be delivered on 2022 under the pennant of Shree Venkatesh Films. This is a monochromatic film.

This is the account of a couple Khilat, a computer programmer and Joyee. They choose to confront difficulties and disturbance of life by their common help and love. They can take care of all enemies and issues of human feelings all through the excursion.


X=Prem Movie 2022 Cast

  • Arjun Chakrabarty as Khilat
  • Madhurima Basak
  • Anindya Sengupta
  • Shruti Das
  • R Bhakti Klein as Dr. Kaufman
  • Aparajita Ghosh

Chief Girish AD struck a shockingly winning equation with Thanneer Mathan Dinnangal, a sweet, story about growing up set against the scenery of a school, and he sort of employments a similar kind of recipe, giving you a similar vibe, with Super Sharanya, which is set in a school. Yet, this film, featuring Anaswara Rajan in the lead spot, feels less like a sentiment, and is more cut of life and character based, diagramming clear development charts in the characters.

Sharanya moves from Kollenkode to the designing school in Thrissur. It is an altogether different world, yet while there are a few early endeavors to show that a humble community young lady experiences issues fitting in, this is left hanging, similar to the endeavors to show that she has an additional a dash of misfortune. At any rate, Sharanya is one of a tight pack of four, who explore through life, giving us looks at their encounters in school, with food, excursions and Sharanya’s sentiments.


While a sentiment blooms with a youngster named Deepu, played by Arjun Ashokan, that she and her companions catch, Sharanya additionally needs to manage the undesirable expressions of warmth of irritating senior (Vineeth Vasudevan), an unwise and awkward educator (Vineeth Viswam) and a timid cohort (Naslen Gafoor). Why the attention is exclusively on Sharanya and why she is so alluring to these various men isn’t clear, with the exception of the speculation that she seems like the more mild and nubile young lady in their pack.

However, this is the place where the appeal of the film, which is loaded up with charming pieces of school and young life, lies. It capably meets its expectation of showing the character advancement and developing of Sharanya, yet in addition her closest companion Sona, played by Mamitha Baiju. What’s more amusingly enough, the aggravating senior and the teacher both seek a similar treatment from Deepu and Sharanya, however in totally different conditions.


The issue is that the film becomes excessively familiar with the thought and the charm of the cut of life perspectives, that it will in general drag unnecessarily towards the end, and the last around 25 minutes of the 161-minute film feels interminable.

The science between the entertainers is awesome, especially among the young fellows, Deepu, and his brother by marriage, played by Sajin Cherukayil, and his companion, played by Varun Dhara. Anaswara Rajan is incredible and Arjun Ashokan is charming, however at that point every one of the entertainers are something of scene stealers, from Mamitha Baiju to Sajin and both Vineeths.


The story, which is likewise composed by Girish AD, is a basic one and harps fundamentally on the circumstances, which at certain focuses feel like it will just go up to this point. The music by Justin Varghese is snappy, especially Ashubha Mangalakaari, delivered by Meera Johny, Sarath Chettanpady and J’mymah. The cinematography by Sajith Purushan and altering by Akash Joseph Varghese give the edges a ‘secret eavesdropper’ feel that is well-suited for the film.

Super Sharanya is certainly not an extremely significant film that will move or mix you, however assuming you are in the disposition for light diversion, this can be amusing to observe especially with companions.


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