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Today the episode begins with Swetha waiting for Muthurasan. Swetha dreams as Muthurasan loves Swetha. Muthurasan comes to the room and locks the door. Swetha thinks that Muthurasan is seduced. Swetha closes her eyes. Muthurasan arrives towards her and picks up the mosquito mat. Swetha gets furious. Muthurasan humiliates Swetha and leaves the room.


Muthurasan sits next to Vennila. Vennila sits sadly. Muthurasan comforts Vennila. Muthurasan seduces Vennila. Muthurasan and Vennila spend quality time together. Swetha looks at them through the window and fumes. Muthurasan loves Vennila. Swetha fumes. Swetha gets furious and takes off the decor. Swetha thinks about how this happens. Chitra’s spirit appears before her and smirks at Swetha.

Swetha asks Chitra if this is happening because of you. Chitra’s spirit smirks at Swetha. Swetha asks Chitra how this is happening. Chitra’s spirit says I have already changed the food, you spiked in the Vennila’s food so that Muthurasan seduces with Vennila. Swetha gets tenses. Chitra’s spirit says that I will not allow you to live with Muthurasan and disappears.


Swetha gets furious. Muthurasan and Vennila spend quality time together. The next day, Vennila offers a coffee to Muthurasan. Muthurasan looks at Vennila romantically. Muthurasan talks to her romantically. Swetha disturbs them and argues with Muthurasan. Swetha says Muthurasan cheated me. Muthurasan doesn’t listen to her she looks at Vennila. Swetha challenges Muthurasan that I will reach you. Vennila gets offended.

Vennila prepares the biryani for the family. The family sits together and eats the biryani. Everyone appreciates the food. Vennila thinks of something. Muthurasan tells her to eat. Vennila constantly thinks of something. Muthurasan questions the reason behind Vennila’s thinking. Kalai says she thinks of Swetha. Kalai says to Muthurasan that Vennila is afraid of Swetha, no matter how comforting Vennila.


Muthurasan advises Vennila. The family eats happily. Muthurasan advises Vennila to think about their children. Simbaran recalled to Muthurasan that today Vennila has to go for a check-up. Muthurasan says I inform the doctor. The doctor will come and examine her. Swetha overhears and comes near Muthurasan and annoyed Muthurasan. Muthurasan gets furious and leaves.

Vennila gets upset by Swetha’s behavior. Muthurasan comforts Vennila. The doctor examines Vennila and informs Muthurasan that the child and Vennila are perfectly alright. Swetha tells the doctor to examine her. Muthurasan gets annoyed. Muthurasan says she pretends, don’t trust her. The doctor leaves the home without examining Swetha. Swetha’s doctor comes to examine Swetha. Muthurasan argues with Swetha’s doctor. Swetha’s doctor supports Swetha and tells Muthurasan that she is going to give birth to your baby.

Swetha thanks the doctor for her performance. The latter, Muthurasan calls Vennila. Swetha looks at Muthurasan. Muthurasan tells Vennila to get ready. Announcement of the temple festival. The committee discusses the festival. Muthurasan arrives with Vennila. The committee suggests their opinions. The committee tells Muthurasan to hoist the flag. Muthurasan says I will hoist the flag with my wife. Suddenly, Swetha arrives to spot and argues with Muthurasan. Swetha says Muthurasan is my husband. Muthurasan is not ready to accept her. Swetha continues to argue with Muthurasan.


with this, the episode ends..

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